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Fish.Net offers training on various aspects of your system, so that you can make real use of what can often seem a bewildering set of tools at your disposal.

From training you and your staff to be confident on everyday IT tasks, such as email, word processing Windows explorer, address books through to a more specialised level of training you to manage your own systems, Fish.Net can provide as much or as little training as you require.  And of course, anything that you don’t have the time or resources to manage in-house we'll support you anyway.

Web training

If you want to maintain your website then we can provide appropriate software and training to whatever level you would like us to take it to, simple text updates tasks to formatting graphics and adding new pages and navigation.

We also offer training on tips and tricks of registering your site on search engines, and ways to improve and monitor your website’s search engine listings.

If html training, and re-sizing graphics isn't what you want, then our content management systems take out all the hard work of updating your site.  Or we provide training on a package such as Contribute which allows you to work within pre-defined templates, safe in the knowledge that whatever you do, won’t stop the rest of your site working.

System Administration

From simply managing the back up process to adding new users and rolling out ant-virus updates, Fish.Net can train you to manage your system so that you can handle simple queries from users up to becoming your company's internal system administrator.  But if you don’t want to take it that far, we’ll ensure that you are comfortable with your network, server and IT system and Fish.Net will take over the administration of the rest.

Computer training

Keyboard shortcuts, email, address books, Windows explorer, Web browsing – if all this is new to you or your staff then Fish.Net’s friendly, knowledgeable team can lead you gently through you computer, making sure you get the most out of your system.

For the “power user” we offer training on topics such as setting up templates, mail merges, databases, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, macros – in fact if you want to know how to do something on a computer, we can help you!

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